In addition to AC Milan, 3 Italian League Clubs are often burglarized Higuain

In addition to AC Milan, 3 Italian League Clubs are often burglarized Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain became the main actor Juventus 2-0 victory over AC Milan in the Italian Serie A League continued at the San Siro on Saturday night (28/10/2017). The Argentine striker scored two goals against the Rossoneri.

Higuain opened up Juventus’ lead in the 23rd minute, taking advantage of compatriot Paulo Dybala’s assist. Hard kick to the left side of goalkeeper AC Milan, not able to reach Gianluigi Donnarumma.

In the second half, precisely in the 63rd minute, Higuain created his second goal. Coming from Kwadwo Asamoah’s pass from the left side, the ball was consolidated by Paulo Dybala, before then Higuain pushed hard into the left corner of Donnarumma’s goal.

With these two goals, total Higuain had seven times goalkeeper AC Milan throughout his career. Four goals ditorehkannya while defending Napoli, while one other goal while still playing for Real Madrid.

In addition to AC Milan, there are three other Serie A clubs most often burglarized by the 29-year-old striker. Here are the facts taken from various sources.

1. Lazio (13 goals)

Lazio, Sassuolo, Serie A

Serie A club whose goal most often torn by Higuain is Lazio. Total, already 13 times goalkeeper I Biancoceleste burglarized by Pipita – Higuain greeting. Remarkably again, 13 goals were born in 16 matches.

That is, every time you meet Lazio, Higuain almost always scored. Of the 13 goals, 12 of which were printed Higuain for three seasons defending Napoli (2013-2016). Of the six meetings between Napoli versus Lazio in Serie A, he always scored goals, both home and away.

One other goal was created Higuain when I’ve costumed I Bianconeri, precisely at the meeting in the 21st week Serie A 2016/2017 season in Turin. At that time Juventus won 2-0. Only with Real Madrid Higuain never break the goalkeeper Lazio.

That opportunity is not absent. Twice Madrid meet Lazio in the Champions League group stage of the 2007/2008 season. At that time both teams joined in Group C. At the Bernabeu, Real won 3-1, while in the Olimpico, the score ended in a 2-2 draw.

2. Atalanta (7 goals)


In addition to AC Milan, Atalanta goalkeeper has also been seven times burglarized by Higuian, since he arrived in Serie A in 2013. Higuain recorded already 11 times against Atalanta. Nine in Serie A and two in the Coppa Italia event.

Seven times while playing for Napoli and four times with Juventus. Of the seven goals, six of them were born when Higuain played for Napoli, and only once with Juventus. His first goal to Atalanta was born in the third week of Serie A season 2013/2014.

At that time I Partenopei won 2-0. Higuain’s best performances against Atalanta took place in his final season with Napoli, namely in the 2015/2016 season. In two meetings, two goals he created in each match.

While the only goal he gave for the Old Lady was at the last meeting of both teams in the week seven, October 2 last. He scored the second goal for Juventus in the 24th minute, after forwarding bait Federico Bernardeschi. However, Atalanta managed to force the game ended with a score of 2-2.

3. Torino (7 goals)

Another Serie A team that became the fierceness of Higuain was Juventus rivals, Torino. Della Mole’s dull fight was not an obstacle at all for the former Real Madrid striker.

In his first season with Juventus, he has scored three goals in two meetings. At the last meeting in the seventh week, in which Juventus won 4-0, Higuain failed to score.

However, he contributed an assist for the creation of Paulo Dybala’s fourth goal. While while still defending Napoli, four times Higuain breaking into Torino goalkeeper in six meetings. Overall, Higuain already ripped the Granata goal seven times.

Buffon: Juve Have to Learn Higuain

Buffon: Juve Have to Learn Higuain

Gigi Buffon said Juventus should see videos from Gonzalo Higuain against Udinese for the striker’s performance after they win with 10 players remaining

Mario Mandzukic received a red card after 25 minutes of running action, but the Bianconeri still managed to win 6-2 at the Dacia Arena.

“We have to look at the positive aspects of this incident, which is the character, the tenacity and the desire to get out of every obstacle,” Buffon said.

“We are aware that we must grow. I do my job, so I do not do anything else. What I like is Higuain’s attitude, whose performance deserves praise.

“The coach should ask another player to see a video of Higuain and how his game this time motivates other players.

“Rugani also performed well which contributed one goal and one pass. It was not easy for him and Chiellini, especially when we lost 1 player, but they worked great.

“I will not change my mind, as I affirm that you will not win the championship title with a 6-2 win.

“I believe we are a team that needs to feel under pressure so we can show our best skills. We’d better use that positive energy and show it in the next game. “

Jersey Award For Buffon

Jersey Award For Buffon

PUMA has launched a new home jersey for Italy to wear in the 2018 World Cup as a special tribute to one of the Serie A giants Juventus and also special for the goalkeeper of Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon.

The Jersey that has been designed by PUMA is a tribute to the 20 years of service that Buffon has given to Italy. The design of this jersey has a v-shaped neck collar and cuff in the arm.

The Juventus goalkeeper had donned it yesterday when Italy had to accept a shocking reality with a draw against Macedonia on 9 October.

The 39-year-old man decided to stop his career as a footballer diusianya who to 40 years (next season). The man with the nickname “Gigi” Buffon has been playing for Juventus since the 2001 season until now. Previously, he had played in Parma Calcio then moved to Juventus until now.

AC Milan Lost, Montella Disappointed with Team Performance

AC Milan Lost, Montella Disappointed with Team Performance

AC Milan coach, Vincenzo Montella, admitted not happy with the performance of his club when defeated by Sampdoria on Sunday (24/09/2017).

AC Milan lost 0-2 to Sampdoria in the sixth-placed Italian league party. Sampdoria’s goal was scored by Duvan Zapata (72nd minute) and Ricky Alvarez (90 ‘).

Montella admitted, his players did look ugly on the duel.

“No one is playing well today, we are still going through progress because of the many new talents at our club,” Montella told Italian Football.

Montella admits that she should investigate the team’s perceived poor performance.

“I am very disappointed with the performance of the team and we have to find a cause why like that,” said 43-year-old coach.

According to the Italian coach, his players are like running for no definite purpose.

“Maybe the third game in seven days is a problem, but we need to analyze the situation,” he said highlighting the player’s physical condition.

For Milan, Sampdoria’s home result was their second successive defeat in away away Serie A.

Previously, Milan crumbled with a score of 1-4 at the headquarters of Lazio (10/09/2017).

Allegri Will Lower Szczesny Facing Fiorentina

Allegri Will Lower Szczesny Facing Fiorentina

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri insists Wojciech Szczesny will play in the match against Fiorentina tomorrow.

The Bianconeri welcome the Viola to Turin tomorrow night, in the next giornata of Serie A, with the target of continuing their winning trend early in the season.

“We still have a long way to go,” Allegri warned in a press conference before the game.

“We’ve just been in the fifth giornata, so for now I’ll say we’re all still playing with security.”

“Can Federico Bernardeschi start playing tomorrow? It’s not very fast, but I need to see today’s practice sessions, there are some situations that I need to evaluate, especially when we play a busy schedule. ”

“He can get into the game while it is in progress, but for the main squad remains to be seen.”

“In practice sessions, there are certain things will change but the only certainty is that Gianluigi Buffon will not play, but Szczesny will come down.”

“Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper, even one of the best in the world, so for Juventus to have two goalkeepers like Buffon and Szczesny is a very important thing.”

“So tomorrow Buffon will rest and he will be on the bench. He’s fine physically, but we want to prepare him for another important game on Saturday against Torino, then Wednesday again and then on Sunday. “

Dalbert Official Join Inter

Dalbert Official Join Inter

Having passed the medical tests, Inter Milan finally inaugurated Dalbert as their new players on Wednesday local time.

Inter’s efforts to bring Dalbert’s own services are not easy. Where Nice, reluctant to remove players who performed brilliant last season then.

“This is a leader who is a reality to be able to press big club costumes like Inter, a team with a history of champions and three Champions League titles in the trophy lamari,” said Dalbert told local media.

Only, there is no official information about the transfer price of this Brazilian player. Nice party called if Dalbert bought at a price of 25 million euros plus bonuses. The price that made Dalbert the most expensive sale in the club’s history.